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Vittoria Coffee CapsulesUpdated 2 years ago

Which machine can I use for the Vittoria Coffee Capsules?

Please note that there are two types of Vittoria Coffee Capsules:
- Those that are compatible with the Espressotoria® System.
- These can be identified with an Espressotoria® logo located on the bottom right corner of the box.
- 12 capsules per box.

Those that are compatible with Nespresso** Machines. These can be identified with a ‘Compatible with Nespresso** Machines’ located on the bottom of the box.
10 capsules per box.

Please note that both these types of capsules are different in shape and size. You cannot use the capsules for the machines they are not manufactured for. For example, you cannot use Espressotoria® Capsules in a Nespresso** Machine and you cannot use Nespresso** Compatible Capsules in an Espressotoria Machine.

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