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How to Use Espressotoria Coffee MachineUpdated 2 years ago

How do I use my Espressotoria® coffee machine?

Quick Start Guide

CleanWater Tank
- Remove the water tank and rinse with hot water.
- Dry and allow to cool.
- Fill tank with cold tap water.
- Place the tank onto the machine. Ensure it is securely in place.

Switching on the Machine
- Ensure the power switch on the side of the machine and wall socket is off
- Plug the electrical cord into the machine and wall socket.Switch both 'ON'
- The two buttons on the top of the machine will start flashing blue, indicating it is pre-heating
- Once the button stops flashing press one of the buttons to run water through the machine.

Making Coffee
- Lift the silver lever until it is fully extended
- Place the capsule in the machine by dropping it from a close distance
- Close the lever until it clicks into place
- Press the button on the left.
- The first coffee should be discarded
- Refer to the programmable pour function in the your manual to adjust the amount of coffee extracted. 30ml is recommended.

Ejecting the Capsule
- Once the coffee is completely extracted, lift the lever to eject the capsule
- Wait approximately 30 seconds before ejecting to avoid leaking
- The capsule discard bin holds a maximum of 10 capsules

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